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Read With Us: The Fall Book Announcement

Hold on to your hats, friends, because I’m about to share some exciting news. Today Bonny and Kym and I are announcing our fall book selection for the Read With Us Book Club and it is . . .

The Women of Brewster Place by Gloria Naylor

In the interest of full disclosure I will admit that I have only just started this book. BUT it comes so highly recommended and I already love what I’ve read so far and that leads me to conclude that I’m 100% confident that it’s a great choice for us. It won the National Book Award for First Novel in 1983. It’s on the Zora Canon list, which is a list of the 100 best books by Black women authors. And it was adapted as a miniseries for television back in 1989 and was also a television show in 1990 produced by Oprah. Good street credentials there, am I right?

It’s a collection of intertwining stories of seven women living in Brewster Place, an inner city housing development. The stories are described as touching, vulnerable, heartbreaking, resilient, loving and painful. That sure makes it sound like there will be lots for us to discuss!

It’s a fairly short book so even if you have a busy fall I think you can make the time to read it. We’ll be promoting the book on our blogs on Tuesdays in October and our discussion is set for November 10th. I hope you’ll join in and Read With Us for our fall selection.

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  1. I finally received and read Wild Game over the weekend. I shared it with my mother as we are from the North Shore. Mother loved the book, immersed herself into it totally. I felt very distant from the time and the people and their issues until the second half, when Adrienne began to fight for her own life. We both thought it was beautifully written and that the quality of the writing was one of the reasons for sticking with the book. I know everyone has moved on already, but I did want to share that I read the book because of your group and as I don’t have anyone here other than my mother to talk with about the book.

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