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One Little Word: October 2020 Update

I almost feel like I peaked with this word last month. In case you need a recap, I shared my journey with open as it relates to vulnerability and how I am learning that being open to sharing my stories creates space to potentially help someone else.

So where do I go with this word until the end of the year?

I think what I do is I stay open to whatever comes up. Open to possibility and potential. Open to discovering new ideas and hidden parts of myself. Open to dropping habits and routines that don’t serve me any more. Open to . . . gulp . . . the unknown, the scariest thing of all for me.

And, finally, open to discovering what my word for 2021 will be. I’ve got one that I’m fighting which probably means it’s the one I need.

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  1. I think all of us have had to be open to the unexpected this year, and I hope that’s one thing we can say goodbye to next year — meaning we can predict at least some things and count on them happening!

  2. I know this year pushed you where you didn’t want to go . . . and look where it’s taken you!!! (Oh, the places you’ll go. . . ) XO

  3. I think that when words place themselves in our way, the opportunity for growth is astounding! I love how this word has so richly opened you to the things it did this year!

  4. You have opened to so many possibilities over the years that I’ve known you and the changes and growth you’ve allowed us to witness have been “awe”-some. Thank you for the honor, Carole. You have 2 more months (yikes!) to be open to the fun and excitement of the Holidays–open to changes in weather and time, open to joy and embracing the new–letting go of the old. I see you’ll be welcoming the changes with open arms.

  5. I love coming after Margene so I can say “what she said” 🙂 My lesson for October was one of revisiting earlier lessons … realizing I had plenty more work to do without necessarily exploring any “new” territory. (also, I’m in total denial that we’ll be gearing up to welcome a new year in just two months.)

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