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One Little Word: December 2020 Update

I’m joining with Honoré today to share a new monthly update on my One Little Word, Open.

Yes, I’m on a blog vacation this week but I couldn’t let the last update for OLW 2020 slip by without a proper post. I believe I need to honor my word and wrap things up. Honestly, though, even as I wrote that sentence I laughed at myself. Let’s face it, there’s no closure (see what I did there?!) for me when it comes to the word Open.

Living with this word, contemplating this word, studying this word, has been incredible. My emotions and feelings about Open have been so varied. I have cried about it, struggled with it, pushed back on it, and denied it. On the flip side, I have embraced it and welcomed it and considered so many different approaches to problems and situations because of it.

There are words I have chosen that have been okay. Grace and Shine come to mind. And then there are words I have chosen that have changed my life. My first word, Joy!, did that. I also had a wonderful experience with Peace. Nothing prior prepared me for Open, though. Even as I move on and choose a new word for 2021 (announcement on January 1, as usual) I know that Open isn’t done with me.

And, surprisingly enough, I’m glad about it. How’s that for growth?

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  1. It sounds like you chose the perfect word for 2020! I’m glad that open has been such a transformative word for you, and hope you continue to learn from it even as you’re working with a new word in 2021.

  2. I choose ‘meal planning’ as my word/phrase for 2020 and could never have predicted how this phrase would impact me as the year progressed. Using a Skinny Taste meal planner book I now have an entire year of meals plus references to where to locate the recipes! I’m going to continue using it and that same phrase for 2021 perhaps with an additional word to extend to other parts of my life. Thanks for the reminder and happy new year!

  3. Well done you!! When a word makes an impact, it is so incredible! I can’t wait to see what the New Year brings for you!

  4. Good for you, Carole! I know that it’s been a difficult word for you and a difficult year, but I love how you’ve embraced the difficulty when it would have been so much easier to turn your back on it. I know how hard you’ve worked this year and applaud you for it!

  5. I’ve enjoyed following along with this journey Carole and am so happy that it brought so much to you this year. xoxo

  6. A beautiful honoring of Open. What a word, for so many challenges this year. There’s so much to be said for staying with a word that holds our feet to the fire. I’ve appreciated your honest + vulnerable posts this year, Carole. And I’ll be excited to hear your new word on Friday!

  7. Yay Carole! the right word + this reflection process have so much power … I’m grateful for everything you shared here (and with me on my blog) this year. It’s been A Year!

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