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Monday On My Mind

I suppose what’s on my mind this Monday morning is the Super Bowl. After a season of watching very little football I have to admit it was fun to eat snacks, drink beer, knit, and watch Tom Brady dominate again.

It was just Dale and I with dip, deviled eggs, and cheeseburger sliders. Guess what’s for dinner tonight? Leftovers!

I felt like the commercials were a little more subtle this year and felt less like they were strictly promoting conspicuous consumption. My favorite was the first one aired: the M&Ms Come Together.

The half time show was entertaining. A little weird and maybe not in my wheel house but I saw nothing wrong with it either.

And that’s a wrap on my thought on the Super Bowl. Is it spring now?

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  1. Tom had the Super Bowl on last night, and I watched a bit here and there. I thought the commercials were . . . disappointing and not very creative. And the halftime show? It was okay. And that’s about it for me + football. 😉

  2. Neither of us are sports fans, so we did not watch. But I did make Nachos for dinner and I think they are Super Bowl food!!

  3. I didn’t watch the Superbowl. I did watch some of the commercials on you tube before the game, and meh. Oh, for spring, Carole, I think I would do just about anything. I need some warm air, sunshine, and the hope that it brings. I guess we will just have to wait, huh?

  4. My Super Bowl experience was limited to watching Amanda Gorman on youtube. I just can’t get too excited about sports during Normal Times, and not at all now. Now if they showed a sheep to shawl competition during halftime, that would interest me!

  5. I thought the commercials were meh too. I stayed up through the 3rd and then headed for bed. I’m happy for TB12 though!!

  6. Amanda Gorman was my favorite part. I hated seeing fans in the stands. between that and the commercials, the whole thing seemed a little tone-deaf. I took my book to bed after half-time … Marc did wake me up to tell me the final score. and I am happy for Tom Brady et al. (also, we have fabulous leftovers for dinner tonight, too!)

  7. We had the game on for a bit, but I honestly wasn’t paying too much attention to it — it’s hard to get excited about a game when you aren’t really rooting for anyone playing! I was underwhelmed by the few commercials I paid attention to. But it was an excuse to make my husband’s favorite winter meal, Ina Garten’s chicken chili!

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