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Spring Freshening

When it comes to holiday decorations, I like to put everything out weeks in advance and enjoy it in the time leading up to the holiday. But then, once the holiday is over, I’m done. I want it all packed up and put away immediately. I should say this mostly doesn’t apply to Christmas decorations and lights, I’m willing to leave those up well into January and even beyond when it comes to things I deem to be . . . winter . . . decorations

Easter, though? It’s so last week! I don’t have much, mostly a few ceramic pieces that have sentimental value, but I was ready to put them away Sunday night. And from spring until the fall it’s a relatively neutral time when it comes to seasonal decorations. I like it that way right now, the lingering light makes me want surfaces that are free of stuff, everything just seems to look better when it’s pared down for the spring and summer. Simple and fresh and easily maintained. Lighter curtains at the windows. Fewer pillows and blankets. Fresh air and mellow breezes. It’s a re-birth of everything, both inside and out.

That’s just one of the ways I make my house feel ready for spring. How about you?

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  1. That’s exactly what I want, but I also live with other people that seem to have stuff everywhere! I would love to have surfaces free of stuff, but as soon as I clear out a space, their stuff magically takes over. So my getting ready for spring is mostly opening windows.

  2. I am with Bonny on the “other people” issue. That person is a stuff-aholic. It is a constant battle. Oy. I am so ready to have open windows with dreams of “no stuff” πŸ™‚

  3. I totally agree with your on the light and airy and limited clutter for the warm months. I did buy some houseplants for the sun room. We’ll see how well they do even though we’ve been in our house almost 3 years still trying to figure a few things out.

  4. I “swapped out the seasons” a few weeks ago which meant putting away the glittered pine cones and “sugared” fruit and changing the covers on the sofa pillows from velvet to cotton. I also rearranged a few photos. Just for something different. I have just a little bit of the Fireside candle left to burn in the kitchen and then it will be a summery orange/vanilla. That’s about it! …now we’re waiting for the pollen to end so we can open up the porches!

  5. I love “curating” my “stuff” for the seasons. Like you, I like to lighten everything up once spring and summer hit. The season just calls for . . . opening up and letting the light shine in! (I didn’t even open my little box of Easter decorations this year. Sometimes I do; sometimes I don’t . . . ) XO

  6. I admire you all who have energy to change things up with the seasons. I never do that except to go to lighter linens. It is all I can do just to keep up with the regular demands. I would love to keep surfaces less junky in my house, but I have not as yet found the method that works for that in my house. More power to you!

  7. I don’t do too much switching but am proud to say most surfaces are clean except we each have our “corners”. Though one of us may or may not have a couple of corners. πŸ˜‰

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