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Read With Us: The Unsettled Ground Promo Post

Today it’s my turn to convince you to read Unsettled Ground by Claire Fuller. When I blogged about this book as the Read With Us summer choice I had not read it yet. Now I have and I’m here to tell you, it’s a winner!

Set in a small English village in the present day, it’s about Julius and Jeannie and the life they live on the fringe of society. Their mother dies in the opening pages (I’m not giving anything away by telling you that) and the ripple effect from her death is huge. Secrets that have been harbored for years are revealed, financial circumstances are changed, and living situations are heartbreakingly altered. It’s a story I really wanted to read slowly to savor it but it was so compelling that I couldn’t put it down.

The book has garnered some noteworthy attention and is on the shortlist for the Women’s Prize for Fiction. There’s an interview with Claire Fuller here that is worth listening to, if only for hearing her read portions of the book aloud. I know some of you have already read it and enjoyed it (which is always reassuring when it comes to our choices) and if you haven’t read it I highly encourage you to pick it up. These are characters worth knowing and it’s a story that will burrow itself into your heart and stay there.

I hope you will read it and I hope you will join us for our Zoom discussion on Tuesday, September 14th.

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  1. I got the book from the library right after you announced it and read it. I’m looking forward to participating in September.

  2. I read this book at the end of May and I am still thinking about it. In fact, just yesterday I found myself thinking about another part of this story. I love it when a book keeps coming back to me.

  3. I’m starting it TODAY! We’re up at the cabin, and it’s going to rain the whole damn week, so I figure it’ll be a great companion for a wet week. 🙂

  4. I definitely felt the same way — that I wanted to read it slowly but couldn’t put it down! I’m very happy with this pick and looking forward to discussing it.

  5. Good timing to read it after the prizes are announced. This should be a fun discussion, regardless of it’s WP status. It’s a wonderfully unique story.

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