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Joyful Wednesdays

Not knitting is definitely a challenge for me these days. Not only do I miss it for the way it made me feel productive, I miss it for the way it helped me cope with stress and anxiety. I also miss it when Wednesday rolls around and I don’t have knitting to talk about.

So, I came up with a new idea and I’m calling it Joyful Wednesday. It will be a way to, once a week at least, share something that’s bringing me joy. And what’s a better antidote to pain and anxiety than joy?

This week, it’s the cranberry harvest that’s bringing me joy. Every October I see it, and it never gets old.

It’s a thing of joy for sure.

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  1. More joy is always welcome! I’m sorry to hear you’re still not back to knitting, though. Would you believe that until just a few years ago, I thought cranberries grew floating in water because that’s how I always saw them in advertising?

  2. I’d love to see this some year. Until then, your photos of this always feel like a gentle reminder of the goodness to come at Thanksgiving.

  3. What a great reminder that fall is here, Carole. I don’t think I truly understand how cranberries are grown, and I will look that up. However it is done, this is a beautiful picture.

  4. Do you mind sharing where this cranberry bog is? I’ve always wanted to see one “in real life”.

  5. Yes! I am all in for paying attention to bits of joy. So many things right now but leaves changing colors and turmeric lattes are at the top of my list.

  6. What a fantastic idea for Wednesdays! (for ANY day!) … and those cranberries … I’m really looking forward to seeing them show up in the stores here and that photo makes me think it might be soon!!

  7. I love it! Joyful Wednesday is perfect!! Your photo is so beautiful, I love when you post pictures of the bogs. ??

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