Eye Candy Friday

You thought it was going to be a mountain, didn’t you? I like to keep you guessing, you know. Anyway, I came out the door Wednesday morning and couldn’t resist taking photos of this perfect spider web hanging above my garden. The rain was glistening like diamonds and the spider was nowhere to be seen, thank goodness.

It’s a long weekend and I’m looking forward to catching up on things, hanging out with Dale, and processing vacation photos. See you all on Tuesday!

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  1. Jo-Ann says

    What a great photo, love the way the web drapes down with the weight of the water. Happy Weekend!!

  2. Patty says

    What a beautiful photo as we approach Hallowe’en. It’s a long weekend here too – happy Canadian Thanksgiving.

  3. says

    I have found the most amazing spider webs on my deck this past summer. Unfortunately the spider was in the middle. And even worse – he decided to invite himself and a few other rather large black spiders inside the house to check out the sights. I almost had a heart attack when I looked to my right and saw this huge black dude next to my shoulder.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Susan says

    Amazing photo. It is so rare to find a complete, intact spider web, glistening with moisture and in a perfect spot for photographing.! It makes a great photo.

    Enjoy your weekend! I know I am looking forward to the extra day!

  5. Manise says

    I love finding dew beaded webs. Yesterday I saw a long, long web thread that extended from the roof line to the bottom of the deck. Had it not been for the dew it would have gone completely unnoticed. Enjoy your weekend.