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Eye Candy Friday

No flowers today . . . but rather the little lovebug that melts my heart . . .

This is Jackie’s spring kindergarten photo and I adore it. It captures his sweet soul perfectly. He is doing well in school, has good friends, is mildly obsessed with Animal Crossings, and just started spring soccer. Luckily he also still loves spending time with his Nana!

Dale and I are adventuring next week and I will hopefully have lots of tales to tell you when I return to this space on the 22nd. Take good care.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your little love bug with us! What a sweetheart . . . And what a great idea to have school photos again in the spring. Kids grow and change so quickly, it’s nice to have those photos! Have fun adventuring next week!

  2. He is looking so grown up! This is some delightful eye candy!

    Have a very fun week of adventures! (and a great weekend!) XO

  3. What a great picture! He does look like a gentle, sweet soul. Have a great adventure with Dale, Carole.

  4. He is so big! I love how much his personality shines through in this photo.

    Have a wonderful time on your adventures!

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