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Wednesdays Are For Knitting

I have started a new pair of socks.

The yarn is Crown Mountain Farms Sock Hop from way back in the day. The color is called Big Yellow Taxi and it’s so bright and cheerful. I am enjoying the heck out of knitting these and, even though I only started them last Friday, I am more than half done with the first sock.

I have also started a new shawl. I do not have a picture of it because, honestly, you don’t need to see a blue blob of lace and that’s all it is right now. But still, you will want to know that the pattern is Exuberance and the yarn is Schaefer Yarn Company Andrea in the color Everywoman. It’s 1000 yards of awesome 100% silk and, although this is going to be slow going, I truly love knitting lace in the summer time.

You do recognize the significance of these two new projects, right? Yes indeed, I have finally finished the Rhombi Sweater and the socks I started last April.

Happy days are here again.

And yes, of course, there will be photos of those finished projects very soon. Or at least as soon as it becomes bearable to put on anything wool around here.

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  1. Those socks just look like summer! So glad you finished your sweater — can’t wait to see it. (And, for me, “summer” and “lace” just go together!)

  2. Those colors are fabulous! I would think you’d be smiling the entire time you’re knitting. Off to check out Exuberance!

  3. Silk is perfect for Exuberance! Can’t wait to see it. I have a finished wool sweater, too. There is no way it’s going to be modeled before snow flies. 🙂 It’s 101 here today.
    Your sock looks like it belongs in my beautiful garden! The colors were fit right in. Isn’t it fun to knit in the colors of the season?!

  4. OMGoodness, I love those bright cheery socks! This reminds me that I owe Courtney a pair of socks before she heads out for school, so I guess I will be sock knitting with you before long on the beach. 🙂

  5. Here’s to finished objects — good for you (I almost typed “goof for you”). We expect to see the sweater modeled by the newly svelte Carole soon. The new socks are terrific!

  6. The socks are lovely. I have the same project bag by JessaLu in greens and blues. It’s a terrific bag.

  7. Such pretty socks! Apparently Crown Mountain Farms is no longer selling. They had to move back to Germany to take care of elderly parents if I am hearing correctly. So cherish those socks!

    I have never been so happy to see rain and clouds. The heat has been way too much lately.

  8. Yay for finishing … and starting! love that summer-y sock yarn and seeing someone else inspired to knit socks. I’m finally remembering what I loved about knitting them “back in the day”!

  9. Your socks are awesome!! What wonderful summer garden colors. I have so much knitting that has gone unphotographed. Ravelry is years behind, but I knit on! I’m looking forward to seeing the shawl.

  10. Regarding Exuberance: did you know that Through the Loops is having a summer KAL on ravelry of all her shawl patterns with a prize to someone at the end? I plan to knit Bivalve. BTW, Exuberance is a lovely shawl and that sock looks great.

  11. I knit almost anything at any point of the year (which is why I am knitting a baby blanket out of wool this month). Lace for summer makes sense, but I’m too lazy to plan out my projects like that!

  12. LOVE the socks! I am waiting right now for my last order from Crown Mountain Farms, since they closed in June. Your colorway is so lovely!

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