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Eye Candy Friday

tulips in the snow for carole kntis

We had a teeny dusting of snow the other day so I stepped out onto the deck with my little bouquet of tulips and snapped this photo. I love the way the white background really makes the pink of the tulips pop.  The contrast of winter and spring is not lost on me, either.

Find something beautiful this weekend and enjoy!

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  1. We all had the same idea – “it snowed! Hurry up and take a picture before it melts!”. Well, it melted over here at least. But we are supposed to get up to 3 inches tomorrow. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Gorgeous tulips! I’m glad nature cooperated by giving you enough snow for a great background, but not so much that it’s troublesome. Happy Weekend (when the snow amount may be much greater!)

  3. I came home with almost the exact same tulips tonight – they’ll “grace” our dining room table tomorrow night for dinner guests and brighten our space for several days to come!

  4. Oh, how I love tulips in the winter! (Much more so than in spring.) Yours just make my heart sing!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Driving home from sister’s house last night the beautiful sky, the new moon and the fact that it was still somewhat light at 5:30 presaged the coming of spring much like your beautiful tulips.

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