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Three Things On Thursday

boston expressway for carole knits

I have had an unusual week, schedule-wise. Yesterday I had to go to Boston for a lengthy meeting, we’ve had company, I’ve got personal time I’ve got to use up before the end of the fiscal year, blah blah blah. Anyway, that meeting yesterday meant I spent 3 times longer in the car than I usually do and, while listening to Sirius radio, they happened to mention a few historical events that happened this week and they came together in my head as an idea for a blog post.


Yesterday was the 21st anniversary of the infamous O.J. Simpson police chase. While the rest of the world was glued to their televisions watching Simpson’s white Ford Bronco I was holed up in the library at the University of Rhode Island where I was in grad school at the time. In other words, I missed the whole thing.

Yesterday was the 43rd anniversary of the arrest of 5 men in the Watergate scandal. I was 6 at the time and what I mostly remember about that summer is that I couldn’t watch Sesame Street because everyone was watching the Watergate hearings all.the.time.

And finally, on June 17, 1978 Jimmy Buffett’s Cheeseburger In Paradise hit it’s peak on the Billboard charts at #32. Jimmy isn’t known for having big hits with his songs but his fans are loyal and that song is an anthem for those of us who tailgate at his shows.

That’s what I’ve got for you today. What’s happening with you?

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  1. I was a little older than you, but I also remember Watergate consuming all the TV channels. All 3 of them!

    I cleaned my house in preparation for company while keeping an eye on OJ. It was weird. I had grown up awed by OJ’s football skills while watching him with Dad.

  2. The O J chase happened on the day my oldest daughter graduated from High school. I do remember Watergate coverage, but was so busy with young children I had no time for tv watching. Jimmy Buffet! We actually visited the bar where the song was supposed to have been written.

  3. What a clever “prompt” for a post.

    For OJ…I was with my college solar race car team in Indy for a “1 year till race” event…after we had been watching the chase for a while at the hotel we ended up at Applebee’s for dinner where of course the TVs were on it – I remember that those of us under 21 couldn’t sit at the hightop tables in the bar w/ the rest of our team.

    Cheeseburgers in Paradise…whenever I hear the song I remember a fun little burger joint with that name in St. Croix that we stumbled upon while on a business trip there. It was just like walking into a neighbors backyard for a burger – tasty burgers, fun atmosphere and of course you had to chuckle as you were indeed eating a cheeseburger in paradise.

  4. Sad to say I have little Buffett in my world but I’m sure I would love it! OJ, what a putz huh? I’m all packed and ready to take Ohio by storm for the family wedding. Should be a fun weekend!

  5. The most important of all your new items was the Jimmy Buffet! Who cares about the rest! Hope you had a margarita when you got home!

  6. Thanks for sharing! Yesterday was my 20 year anniversary but I had no idea we got married one scant year after the OJ chase.

    At dinner last night, seated next to us was a couple celebrating sixty years!

  7. Haha – I remember catching the chase on the news later that night. I had gone to the movies with a friend and had no idea what was going on. I got pregnant a few months later and when we had Nicole so many people asked “Did you name her after Nicole Brown Simpson?” Ummmm – No? We had that name picked out years ago for a girl.

  8. You didn’t miss a thing re the slo-mo chase; it was a non-event, really. Several years ago, we re-watched “Roots” in which that person appears. Such beauty, grace and power back then — too, too sad, especially for the victims. About the Watergate Hearings, though, totally riveting. Drama and revelation of the first order.

  9. Carole, that’s exactly what I remember about Watergate!
    I was 3 and very annoyed that those old guys were always on instead of Bert & Ernie!
    Most people in my age range have no recollection of Watergate – even if they are older than me.

    I vividly remember being at the 99 in Framingham with my BFF and her husband when the car chase came on. The entire restaurant was riveted to the tvs in the bar!

  10. Apparently my lack of TV started years ago. I don’t remember Watergate or the OJ Chase. I do however, have a few happy memories of Jimmy Buffett from college, and all the years since then! (and like Margene, I’m hoping you had a nice cocktail waiting after that drive)

  11. 43 years ago (I was 8), Watergate was on EVERY channel. We had no choice but to watch… Of course, there were only 3 channels 🙂

  12. Such fun, Carole! I remember watching the O.J. chase . . . while sucking on popsicle after popsicle because I had strep throat. I remember the Watergate summer well — because it kept me from watching All My Children and General Hospital all summer long (and, really, what else is a high school freshman to do with her summer?). And I remember loving Jimmy Buffet’s Cheeseburger in Paradise (college freshman).

    Today is also the 200th anniversary of Waterloo. And I know none of us will remember what we were doing that day. . .

  13. My grandmother, who usually watched soap operas, LOVED the real life drama of the Watergate hearings. I remember her saying “I can’t wait till till tomorrow. Haldeman’s going to be on. I can’t wait to watch him squirm!” My grandma was a hoot.

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