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Three On Thursday

I have 3 random photos to share with you today . . .

Thanks to excellent suggestions from Kym, I have embellished Mr. Gnightley’s hat with plum colored running stitches and a tassel. It’s far more pleasing to me now as it’s not so salmon-forward and the hat now looks more like a tuque and less like a top hat. It was easy and fast and I’m glad he looks more gnome-y.

Of course I made cream puffs yesterday for Valentine’s Day. If you don’t know the story behind this family tradition, you can read about it here. It was bittersweet, certainly, since this is the first time I’ve made the and not sent a big old plate of them next door for Jack to enjoy. I’m grateful to have done that for 18 years and I have wonderful memories of Jack enjoying them.

And a snow day selfie. I love nothing better than getting up early, taking care of my morning routine things, and then climbing back into bed with a good book. Even better when it’s snowing outside!

Happy Random Thursday!

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  1. I love Mr. Gnightly’s hat embellishments! Fun, fun! And I saw your post yesterday on FB with your amazing looking cream puffs. YUM!

  2. I’m sure those cream puffs were bittersweet this year, but I hope the good memories outweighed the sorrow. Mr. Gnightley looks much more distinguished now!

  3. Loook at your rosy cheeks in that pretty selfie!! I want a cream puff NOW!. Love what you did with the gnome hat – lovely.

  4. I love that fix for the hat!! “Salmon-forward” made me laugh. ohmygoodnesscreampuffs!! And YAY for snow days! (I can’t remember the last time I had one of those.)

  5. I thought about you and your cream puffs all day yesterday! (And not just wanting one . . . although there was that, too.) I was sending you much love on your first Valentine’s Day without Jack. XO I think the gnome turned out really nicely — much more “balanced, and I think there is nothing better than a snow day in the winter!

  6. What a sweet tradition. So nice that you are carrying it on. The hat looks great on your little gnome.

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