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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Snow Matter What

I had a snow day yesterday and the weather inspired me to finally (finally!) finish my December mystery gnome project called Snow Matter What from Imagined Landscapes. Wanna see?

Meet Mr. Gnightley and his Sgnome-man! Cute, right? The little scarves and the snowballs for hands, the gnome nose and embroidered snowflakes . . . all adorbs. Except . . . I just don’t love that pale orange hat and scarf. I am crazy about the deep plum and bright pink but that salmon just . . . meh. And I think that’s why I dragged my feet on finishing Mr. Gnightley. It’s the downside of a mystery project because, had I known there would be major pieces knit in that salmon color, I probably would have chosen a different set of colors.

Still, they are cute and I learned new skills . . . embroidery! on yarn! And I got better at gnome-ing which is definitely a good thing.

Now that they are finished, I’d be perfectly happy if the snow all melted and we had an early spring.

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  1. They are both adorable for sure (and I even like the salmon colored accessories). We ended up with roughly 6″ but it is already settling and melting some. The sun was out strong yesterday afternoon and it’s a sunny morning here today. Happy Valentines Day!

  2. I am glad that even though I bought the pattern, I decided to wait to knit it. I think these guys are adorable, but I also think Mr. Gnightley isn’t gnome-y enough. I was planning to make him for my gnome-obsessed brother, but I decided to hold off on that. Still, I think your new friends are so cute!

  3. Snow days are such a treat! And perfect inspiration for your gnomes, too. I think they’re adorable, although I do see what you mean about the salmon yarn. (Which is the “issue” with “mystery knits,” but oh, well. . . ) (I have an idea of a simple way to pull it together. Let me know if you’re interested.) I love how the gnomes are so . . . personalizable. (Is that a word?) XO

  4. Woo hoo for a snow day! And I really love your Mr. Gnightly and his Sgnow-man – pale orange yarn and all! And oof, it looks like you got all.the.snow!

  5. Definitely adorbs. I think your gnome would probably enjoy a wardrobe of outerwear. Something bright and cheerful for everyday, the more subdued look for fancy.

  6. Super cute Carole! (And I get you on the salmon…) Glad you got a snow day…it was the storm that wasn’t out here!

  7. Cute, cute, cute, just as he is! Sorry about all the snow. I think everyone, everywhere in the US is ready for spring this year. Fingers crossed.

  8. I’m jealous of your snow. We had 45 degrees and an all day rain event that ended with an incredibly loud thunder storm and hail. Crazy weather! Love the gnomes! Actually, I’d love to have a sweater for myself in the salmon color.

  9. Aw. They’re cute!! Does Jackie play with your gnomes? I can’t believe how much mine are played with… trucked around in cars & strollers. Davy likes to hold the pointy-hatted ones by the pointed hat and swing them at things, shouting “WRECKING BALL!!!” I’ve weighted most of them, at least a little, so there really is some OOMPH. It’s hilarious & adorable.

  10. They are so cute. My little skeins are still in skein form. I just lost momentum for everything last year. I do still plan to make mine.

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