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Unraveled, March 6th 2024

I’m joining with Kat and friends to share what I’m knitting and reading this week . . .

First up, the knitting. And no surprises here, it’s a new pair of socks.

I’m once again using my stand by Picot Edge socks paired with my favorite sock yarn, Knitterly Things Vesper Classic Striping Song. The color is called Long Strange Trip and it’s 10 different colors! I’m loving it so far.

As for the reading, I am still listening to The Poisonwood Bible and loving it. I would have finished weeks ago if I had been reading with my eyes but I’m enjoying the audio so much that I’m sticking with this format. I’m sure I’ll still be finished well before the Read With Us Zoom on March 19th.

I’m also reading None of This Is True by Lisa Jewell. So far it has not grabbed me the way a mystery-thriller usually does but I also haven’t had a lot of time with it just yet.

I hope you are enjoying your making and reading this week.

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  1. Ohhh-I love that picot edge. So much so I think I’m going to cast on a new pair of socks. Currently, I just started reading Hello Beautiful.

  2. I like those stripes; those are going to be some good-looking socks! I loved listening to The Poisonwood Bible and think that might be one of the reasons I got more out of it this time. Hearing the names pronounced correctly may have helped!

  3. That sock Carole is just so darned cheerful. Plus, I LOVE the name of the color way. LOL. I’m knitting away on my Hitch on the Move and my March socks. So glad you are enjoying The Poisonwood Bible. The narration is perfect!

  4. Stripey socks are the best! And I really am looking forward to our discussion of The Poisonwood Bible! I have so many thoughts!

  5. Love the new socks and I’m laughing at my total inability to say the color’s name. I catch myself singing it every time I try to say it.

  6. Striped socks are the best, but those with a long stripe repeat are even better! I am now wondering if I should listen to The Poisonwood Bible before our Zoom, even though I did read it with my eyes.

  7. What pretty striped socks. I love the picot edging. I have never read a book by Lisa Jewell but lately she is popping up in my bookish newsletters.

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