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Eye Candy Friday

The lavender is just gorgeous right now and it smells just heavenly. I have a big container of it right next to where I sit on the deck and I love reaching over and running my fingers over the blossoms and picking up that lovely scent.

Speaking of lovely . . . have a lovely weekend!

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  1. The lavender in my garden had a rough winter, but the little bits that survived are blooming and the bees just love it! Beautiful photo! XO

  2. What a great image! Both the photo and your word picture. Wishing you a weekend with plenty of time to enjoy your lavendar.

  3. Favorite!! I lost a bunch last year, though, and need to get some more. Hoping that someone might have plants at the farmer market tomorrow.

  4. I love my lavender, too. But the cat eats it then vomits all over the place. I might grow some catnip just for him……

  5. I lost the lavender in my herb garden over the winter, but I have a nice big bunch of it just about to bloom in another garden bed. It’s my favorite garden smell. (Well. Maybe tied with lilac. . . ) Happy weekend! XO

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