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Three On Thursday

It’s no secret that I love reading on my Kindle. And I’ll tell you, I have a lot of people tell me that they prefer reading a real book rather than using a device. Well. The book is real whether you it’s a hardcover, a paperback, large print or on a tablet. It’s real if you listen to it on audio or have someone read it to you. It’s the words, my friends, that are real, not the way that you access the words. Honestly, as a librarian, I don’t care how you read, I just care that you read.

Today I’m going to share with you three reasons why I prefer reading on my Kindle over reading a traditional book.

  1. It’s lightweight. Whether I’m reading a book in the Outlander series, which is likely to be 900+ pages, or whether I’m reading the super short This Is Water, the Kindle weighs the same. Not only that but it holds files for all the books I may want to read on vacation and it still weighs the same.
  2. It tracks my reading speed and estimates how much time I have left to finish a book. As a competitive little thing, this makes me read faster, I swear. I liken it to trying to beat the time that the GPS says I’ll arrive somewhere. The Kindle tells me there are 4 hours and 12 minutes left in the book? I bet I can finish in 4 hours and 10 minutes. Ha! Okay, so maybe not really on that last bit but I do think I read faster on the Kindle. And I like knowing how long a book will probably take me from start to finish and I really really like seeing how much time is left before I’m done. As a side note, if you don’t like that little feature you can turn it off and just show page numbers. Or nothing at all, even, if you want to be completely surprised.
  3. I can read in bed without the light on. This is, hand’s down, my favorite thing about my Kindle. I read in bed every night and it’s cozy and sleep inducing to be in a dark room with just the glow of my back lit paperwhite.

I wasn’t paid by Amazon to write this post, although I would have said yes if they’d asked! And I get that there is a tactile thing that’s missing by not holding an actual book and turning the pages and smelling that wonderful smell. But guess what? I work in a library and I can get a good whiff of that lovely musty book smell whenever I want.

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  1. I was slow to change my reading format away from “real books”, but now I always look for audio first, Kindle second, and “real” last. Like you said, the words and stories are all real, and we’re lucky that we have so many ways to read. The only thing I miss is that I rarely get to use the lovely bookmarks my sons have made for me!

  2. I, too, read in all formats (all of them “real”). I mostly read books on my iPad (I have a mini version), often using the Kindle app. I also listen to a lot of audiobooks. And I still read what I call “book-books,” too. They all have their strong points, and they all have limitations. (I remember the days when I had to carry “book-books” when I traveled. . . now THAT was a pain! So much easier to load up my digital library and carry my iPad!) Like you said . . . reading is great — however one choses to do it! XO

  3. I like that any book can be a large print book when you are reading on a Kindle. Plus my library belongs to two different share systems for eBooks, so I can “check out” a book any time I need one—I love that when it’s 2 o’clock in the morning and I can’t sleep.

  4. The story is real, albeit not exactly the same sometimes, across all platforms. But people don’t all take in info the same way, and they have discovered different formats can affect retention. I almost always fall asleep reading. Concussion protocol suggests paperbacks are better than hardbacks or electronic readers in that scenario. I also prefer a physical book because I take in so much data from screens all day. It feels more like my relaxing time that way.

  5. I too was slow to convert to the kindle because I have always loved flipping through the pages but today I find that the majority of my reading is done on the kindle for all of the reasons you mentioned, especially #3. The only exception is pool reading. Definitely paperback..ha

  6. Kindle fan here, too – sadly, mine is not the backlit model, so no reading in bed without a light on. I also like that I can read “hands free” except for the every-so-often swipe to turn the page. That frees my hands to hold knitting, or a spoon or fork. and I LOVE how easy it is to highlight the parts I want to come back to.

  7. I have found that I use my Kindle much more than I ever thought I would. The biggest thing for me is traveling. I used to load up a tote bag with books to take on vacation (which drove my husband crazy). Now, it’s just my Kindle. The one thing I love about a book (versus Kindle) is that for me it is much easier to flip back to re-read something or confirm something. And sometimes on the Kindle passages that other folks have highlighted appear as such – drives me nuts (and I don’t like reading a “real” book that has been underlined – or highlighted – by someone else — really distracting to me).

  8. I have a Kobo, which is more common in the Netherlands. And I love it! The first years I had it I hardly ever used it (only when travelling), but I have a Kobo subscription now and that’s a real game changer. I pay 10 euro a month and can download every book that’s in the program. It’s like a library but one that’s open whenever I feel like browsing.
    I sometimes miss real books and libraries though. And it freaks me out that maybe someday all we have is digital books. What if somehow technology fails? All those books will be lost. But then again, we’ll have a lot more to worry about when that happens…

  9. Love your intro to this subject- And h I had a little coffee snort picturing you walking into work, walking around sniffing books before the day started 😉

    (myself, I do most books by audio these days and sometimes I think it’s even better that way, depending on the book and narrator)

  10. I like my Kindle paperwhite for all of the reasons you stated, but prefer a book when there are a lot of maps or pictures. I read mostly real books because my library has such long wait times to borrow kindle books, recently I received a requested book in 6 days and my sister waited 4 weeks for the same book on her kindle. Audio books are my least favorite, I get involved in doing other things and don’t pay attention to the story.

  11. I’m #TeamCaroleKindle for all the reasons you said. Plus, I find it much easier to knit and read with the Kindle than a regular book, which unless you crack the spine (which I NEVER DO) tends to be too floppy for me.

  12. I love all forms of books but the Kindle app has made it much easier to always have a book on hand. I use the app on my iPad but have thought about getting a Kindle that can be used to read and listen to audio books. Always looking for ways to stay away from the social media distractions

  13. I LOVE my Kindle and agree with your list, but have a few more things to add. With my crazy work schedule, most of my meals are eaten alone… and I read while I eat… and with the Kindle, I don’t have to struggle to hold the book open. That goes for reading while I knit also.

    My Kindle is a marriage saver. Every single date night includes my husband feeling the need to run into the auto parts place or the hardware store. I’m much more tolerant of this now that I can read my Kindle in the dark car while I wait.

    My Kindle has also saved me multiple times from blowing a gasket and throwing a massive melt-down temper tantrum while waiting in line at Walmart.

    I will always have a love of over stuffed bookshelves (and book stores for that matter) but my Kindle rates up there with my knitting.

  14. I read mostly on kindle, because I love to knit and read! It’s easier to tap the kindle page than to unweight my paper book, turn the page, and drop the weight back on it (to hold it open).

    But for knitting books? Paper and ink for the lovely pictures!

  15. My husband and I bought the very first Kindle and have purchased several generations since. I love my Paperwhite, but there are things I miss about hardback and paperback books. The smell is probably first and foremost, but I also miss illustrations and maps in “regular” books. Some Kindle versions have them, some don’t. I really don’t like the Kindle for needlework books, cookbooks, or any kind of reference books. I find it harder to look things up and refer back to when I am doing something related to the book. And I admit it, when I buy my own books, the first thing I do is crack the spine. I also have not gotten used to the different type of hand movements for page turning. It seems like I have to do it too often because it is not a natural movement for me. Good post, Carole.

  16. Totally agree with your list! I read on a Kobo and have had several incarnations of it. What I miss most with electronic vs paper book is being able to share the books i’ve purchased with family and friends. It was nice to have that sharing!

  17. I love my Kindle. I read the blogs I like on my device as well as books. As far as books go, I love to buy the Target Club Pick books at their store. I have so many books saved on my Kindle that like my quilting projects, I don’t think I will get thru everything!!!! Enjoy reading your blog posts……

  18. I love to read in every format. Audio is the one I take advantage of most often and I enjoy reading a book-book (usually a library load). Kindle is last, but that’s usually due to price. I’m with you…we need to just keep reading!

  19. I remember walking and reading when I was a kid-I always had a book in my hand. What I LOVE about technology is I can use Overdrive to listen or read which is great if I find myself in line unexpectedly. I need to use my Kindle more, but I hate buying books that I can’t pass on which has been the only reason why it’s not loaded up with books. I need to take advantage of the cheap deals and freebies. I still like having a book-book but I’m not committed to only one mode-as long as I’m reading!

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