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Eye Candy Friday

There’s nothing like being at a conference for lots of sitting around. So, yesterday when I took my suitcase out to the car, I took the long way around the hotel to get the blood flowing to my legs. Lucky for me, and you it turns out, because I spotted this lone hydrangea in the hotel garden. Lovely, yes? The last gasp of summer, I suppose.

I hope you have a happy weekend! Ours will be full of celebrating because . . . hold on to your hats . . . Jackie is 2 today!

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  1. Whoa! Happy Birthday Jackie! I know you bring loads of joy to your family and best of all…to us too! Have a fun weekend Carole!

  2. That is a lovely lone hydrangea, and I hope it doesn’t succumb to frost too soon. Happy, happy birthday to Jackie! (Enjoy every moment as it seems he’s growing up way too fast!)

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