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Eye Candy Friday

It’s October and my zinnias are still going strong! I keep thinking each bouquet I pick will be the last but even though our nights have been cool, our days have been warm-ish so they are still blooming.

Thanks for all the good thoughts for my colonoscopy yesterday. The doctor told me they removed five small polyps so it’s very good that I went. And I’m now on the 3 year plan. Damn. But it’s worth it because screening saves lives.

And would you look at that  . . . it’s the weekend. And it’s a long one, too. Play hard, friends!

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  1. I haven’t yet had to have a colonoscopy, but I just had my first mammogram and had to go back for follow-up screening. As unpleasant as these screen procedures can be, they sure beat actually getting what they’re screening for, so I’m willing to put up with discomfort if it means staying healthy!

    Enjoy your long weekend!

  2. Sorry to hear about that three year plan! But if it means many more weekends to enjoy in the long run, then worth it for you and all those close to you. Now go enjoy this weekend!

  3. Gorgeous flowers, Carole. Your cutting garden has done so well! I’m glad you got a good report, and I’m glad they found your polyps! Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. As others have said… VERY sorry to hear about the 3 year plan. I’ve been on the 5 yr plan since my first colonoscopy because they did find a polyp. That one was benign as was the one they found on my second experience. My last one, just a few months ago was clean. So good news!
    And as miserable as the whole experience is, it’s only 36 hours out of my life. I can handle it for the peace of mind.

  5. The zinnias are so pretty. They are one of my favorite summer flowers. Hooray for getting the colonoscopy behind you ( no pun intended.) They are not a lot of fun but well worth the inconvenience.

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