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Unraveled Wednesday

I finally finished the Peace Cowl! It needs to be blocked and then photographed but it’s done! And also, I don’t really love it . . . which might be why it hasn’t been blocked and photographed yet.

But we’re moving on.

I have two projects I am currently working on:

On the left is the Chevron Love Slouch Hat from Knitterly Things. I bought the Toasty Warm kit from Julia last winter and finally cast on last week. On the right is Geek Socks from Knitty, also with yarn from Knitterly Things. This is sock number two, I finished the first sock at the conference last week. Well, I sort of finished it. The pattern calls for an afterthought heel, which I’ve never done before, and I haven’t attempted it yet. Both the hat and socks are gifts.

I’m currently reading Just Mercy for Read With Us, our online book group, and I’m really enjoying it. I hope to be finished later today. At the same time I’m listening to  The Dutch House, Ann Patchett’s newest book. The story is wonderful and the narration is by Tom Hanks which is making it even more wonderful!

What are you knitting and reading this week? Be sure and visit Kat and let us all know!

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  1. Working on a pair of red socks, done on 2 needles as I really like socks but don’t like working with 4 needles. Like using red yarn, makes me feel warm as the weather gets colder. Also… reading Just Mercy, just about half way through. Such injustice. Look forward to reading you on my email every morning. You sure are a “super woman.” Enjoy rest of week, rain, wind and peeks of sun!

  2. Slowly making progress on a Crossed Stitches cowl I was soo would knit all of on a trip that wasn’t looking as promising as I hoped. The trip was very good and I didn’t stitch much. Also trying to finish “The President is Missing “ by Bill Clinton and James Patterson. That is also left over from my trip.

  3. Bravo for finishing that Peace Cowl! I think I have a Chevron Mitten kit from Knitterly Things – thanks for the reminder!

    I too am reading Just Mercy (and I am listening to Julia Child’s My Life in France)

  4. Tom Hanks reading that book is going to sit very high as one of the best listening experiences of 2019! It is so good! I’m knitting the easy folded poncho and just finished a super shawl that I really should blog! I’ve got Just Mercy ready for my vacation read next week. I’ll be interested to see what your afterthought heel is all about!

  5. I loved The Dutch House — and especially Tom Hanks’ narration. What a treat! I want to hear what you think about the afterthought heel. I . . . don’t think I really understand the point???? I’ve never tried one — and maybe I’m totally missing the boat? (But since I rarely knit socks, does it really matter. . . LOL) XO

  6. I am knitting October Frost from a fine fleece and I’m reading “Outliers’ by Malcolm Gladwell

  7. I don’t love the fit of afterthought heels, but they aren’t too tricky — it’s basically just putting another toe on your sock but in the middle rather than the end. And they can be a bit fiddly.

    I just finished a sweater for my nephew last night and now am rushing to finish a pair of socks for my father for his birthday next week. And I’m reading and really enjoying Just Mercy!

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