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Unraveled Wednesday

First, with regards to Dale’s progress, the doctor’s visit yesterday went well. The x-rays showed the bones are knitting together and that’s good news. Dale still combats swelling in the leg and foot and the doctor encouraged continued elevating of the leg (that’s something Dale really doesn’t like, he’s not a guy who is content to lay around) and he also told Dale to start weaning himself off the brace and crutches. Lots more physical therapy ordered. Bottom line: progress in the right direction!

Now on to this Wednesday’s knitting and reading. I believe there is unraveling in my future.

That’s the current state of my Orbit (beware, that’s a Rav link if you have issues with their site changes) scarf. I still have one more repeat of the garter section and the eyelet border to go and that ball of yarn is very very small. I’ve been fairly certain I wouldn’t have enough yarn since I was at the half way point but did I stop? Nope. This knitter’s heart is forever optimistic. I’m considering doing the eyelet in a contrasting shade of yarn (it’s Tosh DK) and I think that would work. Mostly, though, I’m disappointed that one skein isn’t enough because I really love this pattern and could picture myself knitting this one over and over. It’s fast, it would make a great gift, it’s simple but entertaining enough to hold my interest . . . but running out of yarn just isn’t acceptable.

On the reading front, I got my Bingo cover all last week and I’ll share more on that soon. I’m currently reading The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele Richardson. It’s . . . okay. I almost quit it yesterday but then I found myself thinking about it and decided I wanted to see Cussy’s story through to the end.

What are you knitting and reading this week? Don’t forget to head over to Kat’s and share with everyone, too.

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  1. Your Orbit is so pretty – love the color – but running out of yarn has got to be so frustrating. I think with the color you have used though that a contrast will work well. Best of all is the news on Dale’s progress. That is just wonderful!

  2. Such good news for Dale (and you)! I’m close to the end of the TTL MKAL for which I did not have enough yarn so lost a week waiting for more. Good news…they had one skein left of a lot I bought two years ago! Someone will get a nice shawl someday. (’cause it’s just not for me!) Reading…Save Me The Plums and one other called The Reason You’re Alive. Both are excellent. Happy Wednesday Carole!

  3. I lose so very often at Yarn Chicken . . . so my heart is aching a little.
    I just read “Hamnet” and it was so good I can’t read anything else quite yet!

  4. I read Woman of Troublesome Creek this summer. I loved it. I am reading The Library Book by Susan Orlean. I think you would enjoy it.

    Give our best to Dale

  5. I got through half of Women of Troublesome Creek and just couldn’t finish it! I made a deal with myself to put books down if I am having to force myself to finish…live is short, read what I love.
    Glad to hear Dale is healing. Broken bones are a long healing process and at times a frustrating process.

  6. Hurrah for Dale! May he continue to make such great improvements!

    But boo for not enough yarn, grrrr. I just hate when that happens. :/

  7. I can hardly wait for your book update. I am struggling to find a really good book, and I have found several I liked in your recommendations. I have not been reading anything really great. The last book I really enjoyed was The Night Watchman. Earlier in the year, I really enjoyed Long, Bright River. That is so frustrating to run out of yarn when you are on a roll! It looks like a lovely scarf. The best news is that Dale is on course for healing! It can be difficult when you are a bit “older”, so I am glad he is doing so very well.

  8. It is so wonderful to hear Dale is doing well and the PT and keeping the leg up will really help (take my advice!). I agree with Kym about Hamnet. One of the best books I’ve read this year!

  9. Glad to hear the good news for Dale. I have that book in my to be read pile. Maybe I’ll get to it this month. Running out of yarn is annoying, glad you have a plan in mind.

  10. I’m also glad to hear Dale’s good orthopedic news. I hope he continues to do well bone-healing wise and otherwise (you, too)! That is a lovely scarf and I’m sorry that one skein isn’t enough. I do think a contrasting color would look quite nice.

  11. I’m glad to hear your good news about Dale!

    That yarn looks quite lovely. I can’t wait to see how you decide to finish it. I think many knitters share your optimism about how far yarn will go!!

  12. First, I am so happy to hear that Dale is healing well! I know it’s hard for him to sit still, but the more he elevates that leg, the faster it will heal and he can get back to normal.

    As to the scarf, I think the start of my stashing problem was probably the constant worry that I’d run out of yarn, causing me to always buy extra. Have you checked to see if anyone on Ravelry has an extra skein or partial skein of the yarn you’re using?

  13. I am happy to read about Dale’s progress. Slow and steady wins the race. The Orbit looks like a lovely knit. Would a contrast color work on the edge?

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