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Read With Us: The Spring 2024 Announcement

It’s a big day for the Read With Us group . . . the day we announce our next book selection . . . our Spring 2024 selection, in fact. And so . . . without further delay . . .

We are reading How to Say Babylon by Safiya Sinclair. I’m excited to read this for a number of reasons, not the list of which is that it’s a memoir and it’s been a long time since we read a memoir as a group. It’s also on several prize lists, including the short list for the Women’s Prize for Non Fiction. We seem to have an instinct when it comes to picking prize winners and I’m hoping we have chosen well in that regards once again.

You can read the entire blurb at the Goodreads link above, but I will just highlight this part: With echoes of Educated and Born a CrimeHow to Say Babylon is the stunning story of the author’s struggle to break free of her rigid Rastafarian upbringing, ruled by her father’s strict patriarchal views and repressive control of her childhood, to find her own voice as a woman and poet.

I’ll be starting this book this week and I hope you will join Bonny, Kym, and I and once again . . . Read With Us.

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  1. This is a good one Carole!! I’m roughly 2/3 of the way through and am finding it very compelling. Also disturbing…and heartbreaking…looking forward to our discussion.

  2. I have my copy but have one other “heavy” read to finish first for another group.
    I’m looking forward to this one. I want to learn more about the world she comes from.

  3. You three really are good at picking books that go on to be on prize lists! I’m really excited to read this one, and I know we’ll have a great discussion!

  4. I hope everyone likes this pick! It’s an interesting one, for sure — and will give us much to discuss in June!

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