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Eye Candy Friday

Last Friday afternoon I came home after running errands and I found this gorgeous bouquet of flowers in my mudroom. I honestly couldn’t imagine who they were from and then I read the card. And it talked about leadership and dedication and a job well done. It was from my coworkers at the Council on Aging and it was completely unexpected and I got a bit verklempt over the whole thing. See, I sort of . . . ghosted this job . . . for a variety of reasons, so leaving didn’t come with any fanfare or official farewell. To have my friends recognize the work I did there in such a beautiful way was very very special to me.

My advice going into the weekend: do something unexpected for someone!

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  1. Surprise flowers are the best flowers. Good work always gets noticed. It might go unrecognized, but I’m glad yours didn’t. I’m also glad you got a chance to realize others noticed. Great start to the weekend! Enjoy.

  2. Those photo of those flowers is brightening up a gloomy day here! They are a lovely recognition of a job well done.

  3. Gorgeous! And very deserved, I am sure. I hope your weekend continues with lovely surprises.

  4. An unexpected gift can be the best thing, and I’m not at all surprised your co-workers recognized you and your contributions!

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