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Eye Candy Friday

Last Friday I picked up the final dahlia share from our local flower farm. I think I’ve said this every week but this one was definitely my favorite! Those shades of yellow, orange and peach and perfect for this time of year and that bloom on the far right makes me swoon!

I hope you have a swoon-worthy weekend, friends. I’m planning on it since it comes with an extra day off. I’ll catch you back here on Tuesday!

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  1. It is a beautiful bouquet and I’ve been dreaming about a gradient yarn in the shades of that dahlia on the far right ever since I first saw this photo! That dahlia share was a wonderful happiness-enriching investment.

  2. OH, my, Carole, that is stunning! Like Bonny, I am dreaming of a gradient yarn in that color now. I don’t think I have ever seen a bloom that looked that “tender”, for want of a better word. I hope your weekend continues to be this lovely.

  3. I was cogitating this morning about how much you share of your life, your thoughts, your feelings. And how generous and courageous that is. Thank you.

  4. Now who’s going to create that gradient for all of us! Have a wonderful weekend Carole…it looks to be a beauty!

  5. What a beautiful bouquet. My mother always tried to grow dahlias. The clay in her yard and perhaps the prairie wind made it difficult. I’m with Bonny – I’d love a gradient yarn in that flower on the far right.

  6. Oh my goodness! That color! I want a sweater that color. A dress, some pillows, a quilt, beach towels… I want everything in my life to be that color! Just gorgeous!

  7. Those are so lovely. I’m really inspired to give dahlia’s a go next year such a gorgeous flower.

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