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Eye Candy Friday


Let ’em eat cake. Chocolate cake, of course. Want the recipe? You can find it here.

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  1. Oh My G_d! It is soooo delicious-looking. I want some, but I might as well just stuff it directly into my hip region!

  2. Drool, gurgle, mmm, chocolate cake. Chocolate is my downfall. I have a Hershey’s cookbook that has a good (well, several really, but I like a particular one) recipe for chocolate cake and a wonderful recipe for a “bitter” or dark chocolate icing. Oh, look, what you’ve done. I might have to make one this weekend:)

  3. mmmm…I love….cake ;o)

    Though, my absolute favorite would have to be white cake with chocolate frosting – sometimes with a little raspberry preserves in the center, depending on my mood ;o)

  4. That looks absolutely delicious. Unfortunately, Nate has decided he needs mickey mouse on his cake and I am not that ambitious of a cook.

  5. mmmmmmmmmmmm, cake porn. Cakecakecakecakecakecakecakecakecake
    Do you have enough for everybody?

  6. Thats look soooo good!! YOu can make my birthday cake now if you want… feeel kinda weird making me own…LOL……3 days enough notice? heeheee

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