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Eye Candy Friday


Dahlias from the CSA this week. Aren’t you glad that Christopher Columbus discovered America on a Monday so we get a three day weekend? Enjoy!

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  1. Oh my gosh, how pretty are those colors all blended together! Gorgeous! Amen to the three day weekend…….enjoy!

  2. My plate of spaghetti with pieces of bright red beets casually tossed in resulted in the very same color as your dahlia. It would make pretty sock yarn. Yeah, I know I’m weird!

  3. You look mahvelous, dahlia.

    We corporate stiffs have to work on Monday. Have one for me! (One what? One of anything you like.)

  4. Good – now I know the name of that flower too. No 3-day weekend here – school presses on! But you – you go ahead and celebrate your in grand style!

  5. very! perhaps he waited offshore for the right moment? lucky too that you live in one of the “Italian” states.

  6. Beautiful flowers 🙂

    It’s wonderful that all the great discoverers and leader’s did their great thing, were born or died on mondays, it sooo convenient 😉 😉

  7. Oh, yes! And thank you for the reminder! I have to change the message on the work phone today! Enjoy your long weekend, Carole!

  8. Well, you get a three day weekend…. I’m a waitress… I don’t even get two days in a row! Ah well, such is life at the moment. Enjoy your long weekend =)

  9. dahlias are one of my favorites 😉
    I just went and dug up some bulbs at the old house so I can enjoy them next spring. lovely photo.
    have a great weekend.

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