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Ravelry Stashing

Last night I dreamt of Ravelry again.

Who can identify the inspiration for that sentence?


I blame it all on Ms. Alarming Female. She sent me a Ravelry message last week asking why I didn’t have any stash on Ravelry. Seemed she wanted to see my handspun. Always one to oblige, on Saturday I started photographing and uploading my stash. I did more on Sunday and more on Monday. What’s there now is almost all of the sock yarn. I’ve still got a bit more sock yarn – things like Trekking and Opal – to add, plus the laceweight stash and the odds and ends stash and the Peace Fleece stash and, of course, the handspun stash.

I’m not sure why I hadn’t done it before now but now that it’s done I do really like seeing it all there. It’s so pretty and looking at it almost feels like shopping. Almost.

I’ve already traded off a duplicate skein of Vesper and I’ve listed just a couple of other yarns that I’m not crazy about on my trade/sell page. As I add the other yarns I expect there will be more I’m ready to part with, things that I just don’t have a need to stash anymore.

In the meantime, every night I dream about Ravelry and adding more of my yarn stash. It’s addicting, this Ravelry business.

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  1. Heh. I had a ravelry dream last night too.
    Your stash is gorgeous and definitely drool-worthy. Thanks for posting all those pictures.

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