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2023: The Knitting

I’m doing a year in review this week, focusing each day on a different hobby or part of my life. We start today with the very reason for this blog . . . The Knitting.

My knitting time was, once again, limited due to the . . . ahem . . . interest Fred & George have in yarn. However, it has picked up considerably since I approached their behavior with a correction plan over the summer and I now knit with a spray bottle of water close at hand. I’m still not cranking out the hand knits and I’m still sticking to small projects that can be tucked back into a zippered bag very quickly, but I consider it progress.

Here are my stats: I finished 2 pairs of socks. Three dishcloths. One hat. And two gnomes. There’s also a gnome in progress as well as a pair of socks in progress. Looking ahead to 2024, I’d really like to finish my Icelandic cardigan that I started in 2021. I’d also like to knit another pair of arched gusset mitts and more socks because I have so.much.sock.yarn. I also predict more gnomes!

Check out my Ravelry project page if you’d like a refresher on any of the things I’ve knit this year. And thanks for sticking with this so-called knitting blog that . . . isn’t really about knitting so much anymore.

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  1. I’d love to see your Icelandic cardigan again in 2024, and I’m glad that F&G have learned and you can knit around them. It’s a good thing they’re cuter than yarn!

  2. I certainly hope the efforts you’ve been making with the kitties pay off and you can knit more — not that it’s about quantity, but I know you enjoy it and would like to spend more time doing it. But I suppose giving up some knitting time to the cuteness of the boys is probably an okay tradeoff!

  3. I’d love to see your Icelandic sweater (even in progress because I don’t remember it). I’m glad you’ve figured out a way to knit with Fred & George around. And you know? Even though your blog isn’t about knitting so much, I enjoy it very much and am glad to have gotten to know you through your blog and Read with Us Group.

  4. any knitting is good knitting … especially if there are cats around! I’m glad you’re finding a rhythm with the yarn and needles, and feel like 2024 will be your Icelandic Cardigan year … good luck!

  5. Y’know . . . my knitting has really slowed down these last couple of years, too. And I don’t have CATS. At all. πŸ˜‰ All of your projects have been lovely projects, Carole. And fun! The quantity of completed projects doesn’t matter . . . as long as we’re enjoying the making!

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