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Unraveled, Mid December

I have another finished gnome for you . . .

He’s not mine so he is unnamed for the moment. He was even more fun to knit than the first one because this time I knew just what to expect. And of course there will be more gnomes to come! Including Snow Matter What, the December mystery gnome from Sarah Schira. It’s proving to be great fun, just as I thought it would.

And for the reading, I finished The Bee Sting yesterday. I have to say, I’m conflicted about this one. The writing is wonderful but it sometimes felt like a slog and the ending was (I can’t say much because spoilers) not my kind of ending. (ifyouknowyouknow). I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to read next but I can promise it will be lighter . . . in both pages and subject!

I hope you are making and reading good things this week. Be sure and check in over at Kat’s to see what everyone is up to.

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  1. I knit my first gnome this year, now I’ve made several. And this is my first year doing the mystery gnomealong! It is great fun!

  2. Your gnome is adorable and I hope to see the December mystery gnome sometime soon. I’m on a long waitlist for The Bee Sting so I guess I’ll just have to wait and see if it’s my kind of book. I hope your next book doesn’t leave you conflicted!

  3. gnomes!! I love to watch y’all knit them (and I’m glad this is one thing I still don’t want to try). Can’t wait to see what you pick up to read next … my suggestion is Ann Patchett’s The Story of a Happy Marriage … it’s the only book of hers I haven’t read and it’s wonderful. I also loved Kate Atkinson’s new collection of stories Normal Rules Don’t Apply.

  4. I read about 250 pages of The Bee Sting and didn’t finish. I suspected what the ending might be from the first page and when I skimmed to the end, things turned out just as I had expected, so I didn’t feel the need to finish the book.
    Your gnome is cute!

  5. There is nothing more fun than Gnome Knitting! That is one cute Gnome! I am really LOVING Tommy Orange’s new novel (if you want a suggestion!)

  6. Love your little gnome and the colors you chose. I’m so tempted to try one, but fiddly does not agree with me. I could not get into The Bee Sting and now I am in the midst of two less-than-stellar books. I think I will download Heaven & Earth on Audible and try to get into it that way (I really don’t like audio books though…).

  7. Love your gnome and hope the recipient does, too!

    I enjoyed The Bee Sting, but know what you mean about it being a bit of a slog (especially Imelda’s sections — gah, my kingdom for some punctuation!). The ending was not my cup of tea, but I think it would be a great book to discuss!

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