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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Same As It Ever Was

I finished the Same As It Ever Was hat back in October and it just kind of hung around in my studio for a while, waiting for the right recipient. And that recipient was found on Christmas morning.

Hold on, let me set the stage.

Hannah stayed over at our house on Christmas Eve (which, by the way, was really very special). I had suggested she do this back in November and I completely forgot that I promised her a stocking for Christmas morning. So there I was, at the break of dawn, searching for things to fill it up. I didn’t really have any trouble, there’s always extra stuff around here but, turns out the hat was the perfect thing to add to the mix.

These photos, as you can see, are not styled or staged, but rather just spontaneous and fun and full of Christmas mess. And cats, too.

Details are on my Ravelry page but please know that I highly recommend Sarah’s pattern. The cast on is easier than other hats I’ve knit of this style and I really like the mirrored decreases, too. 10 out of 10, highly recommend.

The hat fits her perfectly, loose enough to not give her hat head but snug enough to stay on. It’s double thickness so it will keep her nice and warm and pink is one of Hannah’s favorite colors. The yarn is from my friend Kim of the Woolen Rabbit and that makes her love it even more, I think.

The fact that she kept it on most of the day says everything to me.

Cheers to our handknits finding the perfect recipients at the perfect time.

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  1. Super-Mom to the rescue once again. And can I just say that I think you gave Hannah the perfect Christmas gift by giving her a glimpse back into her childhood Christmas mornings – the smile on her face in the last photo (where she’s surrounded by packages in brown paper wrapping and tied up with strings) says it all!

  2. Looks like a very merry Christmas! I have a fondness for the doubled hats and apparently favorited this pattern when you first mentioned it back in May, I believe, which I realized when I just went to Ravelry to purchase the pattern! I ave some of Kim’s Pearl upstairs in the stash. Maybe one or two (or maybe more) skeins of her yarn have been waiting for the right pattern. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you for that glowing endorsement of the pattern! I am so glad she loved it! The color suits her very well. I hope it keeps her very toasty warm this winter and into the future!

  4. (I could have sworn I commented earlier, so my apologies if more than one shows up.) I think it’s lovely that Hannah stayed overnight and just perfect that you had already knit the perfect hat for her! I’m wishing that I had thought of knitting this hat pattern for the boys instead of the fingerless gloves that didn’t really fit, but maybe I can fix that for next Christmas.

  5. Oh, Carole, what a lovely story! Hannah staying over, you giving her a handknit hat that she loved so much she didn’t take it off for most of the day. I just remarked on Bonny’s blog that I had a yellow coffee cup that helped me get through a divorce, so I think you cannot underestimate the power of a small beloved object that reminds you to be happy. I hope Hannah is happy every time she sees or wears that lovely hat that her mom made her.

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