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Eye Candy Friday


The first sign of spring has arrived at my house. There are crocuses in my yard!

Bring it on, baby!

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  1. Lovely – and because I can’t see the stems/leaves they look like they’re little hummingbirds hovering in the air!

  2. More than jealous!! This morning in Minneapolis it is 16 below zero. Below Zero!!! A crocus would not live more than 10 seconds here today. I miss New England…

  3. Lucky devil. I don’t think ours will come for at least a couple of weeks yet — the yard is still half covered in snow.

  4. Dont rub it in… there are about 4 feet of snow in my front yard 🙂
    Actually I welcome your picture… a sign that spring really IS going to arrive this year, even if it will be June by the time it makes it’s way up here.

  5. You know- I think the groundhog was wrong this year.

    Yesterday I was driving around with the sunroof open. It was warm in my car. And if you stood in the sun, you could actually feel heat!

    Hello, spring? Hurry!

  6. Sprinter still here- birds are singing and snow still on the ground. No crocuses for me- mine were devoured 2 winters ago by voles. I’ve not replaced them yet with a cage of wire around them.

  7. Yay!

    They remind me of baby birds sticking their little heads out of the nest waiting for momma/lunch.

    Happy Weekend, Carole!

  8. oooooooo, i’m so jealous! we got crocus bulbs but never planted them 🙁 ever since i lived in sweden i wanted them, because they’re always the very first to poke their heads out through the snow and welcome the spring. lucky you! they’re beautiful.

  9. Oh you are lucky! We’ve had so much snow, that if the crocuses have made it up yet, they’re buried. Bring on the spring!

  10. What a beautiful sign of spring, and a beautiful photo. We still have snow here in MI, lots and lots of snow, so your picture brought a smile to my face, a great reminder of what’s to come.

  11. You have crocus, I have two feet of snow. Lovely photo, Carole, and LOVELY swap package from you came yesterday!!!! THANK YOU!

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