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Eye Candy Friday


There is a mass of these sweet little squill growing between my yard and my father-in-law’s yard next door. The blue is so bright and the green is so vivid and I took about a million pictures of them yesterday. This one is my favorite – hope you like it, too.

Have a terrific weekend!

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  1. Beautiful! True blue flowers are rather rare.

    We have some in our gardens, too. DH planted a whole bunch o’ bulbs last fall, and we weren’t quite sure what these lovelies were called, after the fact. Squill. Nice.

  2. Beautiful! I finally saw some signs of spring yesterday; one of my forsythia bushes is starting to turn yellow!!!!! Yippee.

  3. I’m just getting these started in my yard having planted them last season. Now I’ve just got to train the husband with the enormous feet not to tread on them before they bloom! 🙂

  4. I just LOVE flowers, I’ve been taking lots of pictures as they bloom. Are these called “glory of snow”? I planted some last year with only one or two blooming this year, they’re supposed to spread.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Squill (aka scilla) was a favorite of my mom’s. It grew wild in Greece where I lived as a child and remember them well. I have some in my garden, but they get eaten off and on by my moles , voles, and chipmunks. A very pretty blue. Would make a lovely yarn colorway!

  6. It’s funny that I am often the 14th commenter on your posts. heh

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen squill, but seriously Carole – put me on the list. I will be first in line to buy your Cafe Press Flower Calendar for 2009!

    Have a lovely flower-full and injury-free weekend!

  7. I’ve always felt that a flower that cheerful and lovely should have a name more like, oh, “Good morning!” instead of “squill,” you know? Scilla sounds a bit better, but it doesn’t convey just how pretty these lovely blue gems make a person feel.

    Beautiful photo!

  8. There are so few truly blue flowers, but Siberian squill is one. Love them — mine will be blooming in a week or two. Did you know that blue flowers were the last to evolve? That is why there are so few.

  9. I love the squill. It’s so pretty, and it multiplies without my having to do anything about it, and the deer don’t seem to like it.

    Your FIL lives next door? I didn’t know that. Talk about a close family.

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