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Eye Candy Friday

The lilacs have gone by but the bridal wreath is in full bloom. I love that just being in my yard this time of year gives me something beautiful to photograph.


Happy Weekend!

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  1. I love bridal wreath spirea. I cannot tell you how happy I was when we moved into this house and found a huge bridal wreath hedge by the driveway.

  2. I adore bridal wreath. We had a bush behind our former garage (meaning I had to go back in the weeds to look at it in the spring) and we lost it when the new garage went up. Thanks for sharing yours!!

  3. Let’s see if I’m allowed to comment today…

    That’s lovely, Carole. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before. Must not like my climate.

    Happy Weekend!

  4. It’s a great time of year, isn’t it? I took my camera around Ruth’s yard the other day, and decided I need to plant some more flowers.

  5. Beautiful! Our across-the-street neighbor has a bunch of those in front of her house (and I have one in my yard, too). They’re one of my favorites!

  6. Our Bridal Wreath Spirea just finished blooming last week. I guess you’re not too far behind us, huh? Have a wonderful accident-free relaxing and not-too-hot fiber filled weekend Carole!! XOXOXOXOX

  7. I’ve just been catching up and must say how jealous I am of all the festivals you have at your back door. I have to drive 3+ hours to Idaho for ONE and it’s even farther for Kim, and she LIVES in Idaho. The West is huge, did I mention that?

    Thanks for the bean salad recipe. I’ve been buying the Costco variety but I’d rather make my own.

    And YAY for a merino fleece!

    Your blog’s so fun to read.

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