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Halloween Candy Friday


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  1. Great pumpkin!

    Congratulations on your new wheel and scoring the super trip to the field of pumpkins. Good luck with Hannah growing up. I’m a couple years behind you with my daughter, but it’s already hitting me that she’ll be gone in a few years.

  2. Never got around to the carving this year and I am sad for it. I miss the WOW factor, as we always go all out and make some pretty fancy-pants jack-o-lanterns around these parts. Yours looks spoooooky! Happy Trick or Treat!

  3. Have you seen the pumpkin pic where the pumpkins are all on the stoop, and having had too much beer, one is spilling its pumpkin guts? … Isn’t Hannah 16? She sounds very responsible, and the boy sounds respectable… in many ways what every mom would want for their daughter. (As opposed to, say, sneaking out with the boys for a smoke-of whatever-and a quicky behind the bleachers when she’s 13). But I know that unsettled feeling… For me it was more when the kiddo went to school. He slept in my bed for too long, and then needed me to get him to sleep… but not for years now. Until recently, when he went to bed, that was it. But sometimes now he gets up and goes downstairs. It’s someplace between a sleepy wakeup need for something like more water and sleepwalking. Which is disconcerting… what if he sleepwalked out the door?

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