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Eye Candy Friday

More fun with the macro lens this week. When everything outside turns brown I become very thankful for my green houseplants.

I hope you find something to be thankful for this weekend.

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  1. So that is how you are getting these photos, I’ll have to see if my camera has that function – or are you using a digital SLR and that attachment? I am very thankful that the air is becoming easier to breathe and the wildfires are either out or close to it. It definately had a large impact on life in Orange and Los Angeles Counties. The positive side is this should provide work for the local construction workers who probably could not find any work, plumbers and so many others. The fires went thru several counties, but I live in Orange County and work ins Los Angeles County, so this has the most impact on me. Thanks for your beautiful Friday photos it cheered me up and my fellow crafter’s blogs helped me to take my mind off the wildfires last weekend.

  2. I was just thinking the same thing this morning. My Christmas cactus is budding but I don’t think my camera will do it justice.

  3. When our youngest went to Montessori preschool in Morristown, NJ each child was invited to bring a plant to school for the year. She chose a pothos, which is what I believe you have photographed. DD named her plant “Gertrude”; even 25 years later, all subsequent pothos plants are also Gertrude.

  4. Pretty! What I’m thankful for this weekend is that my sister-in-law will spend it baking three pies for our Thanksgiving feast!!


    I have nothing against the pies, and will eat them happily – I just resent having to multi-task!

  5. Hokey as this sounds, I was just thinking today (as a result of an email conversation) how thankful I am for my friends, bloggish and otherwise. Green leaves are always welcome too, especially out of season.

  6. I was doing the ‘thanks’ thing this weekend too… Ack! I actually went out and bought some stridex for the same thing… It MIGHT be working a bit better than just the scrubby thing in the shower and the good greasy stuff I use…

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