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Eye Candy Friday

We’re getting a major snow storm today. Hannah has no school, Dale has a half day, and I am on vacation for the next two weeks. I’ll be holed up in the house today baking cookies and watching the snow come down.

Looks like we’ll be having a white Christmas!

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  1. I’m jealous – I am at work already so I can leave early. I usually have off between Christmas and New Years but not this year….. sigh. There’s always next year.

  2. We are getting part two of a 3 part snowmageddon here in Ontario Canada. I’m off until the 30th. I’d like to say that I can stay hold up in the house until tomorrow but my youngest comes in on the midnight train. I will have to make the normally 40 minute drive tonight. Hopefully the storm subside by supper time and the plows are able to clear a path for me.

  3. It does, doesn’t it? I was really hoping it would hold off on the big wallop until afterward… but baking cookies sounds good.

  4. work was cancelled so i’m home. joe had to go to work though. he’s in east providence today so i’m hoping he doesn’t have a rough drive home.

    i’m baking cookies too. and if i can get my act together, i might go to the gym before the snow comes.

  5. Enjoy the snow and cookies! We are not supposed to get hardly any snow from this snow up here….just a few inches. 🙂

  6. B said he’s coming home early (gasp!), and the school district has been very diligent in making sure that I know that the kids all have a half day today (four phone calls and two emails).

    My plans are much like yours … stay inside, bake cookies, maybe get the Christmas decorations up. It’s time to hunker down.

  7. I’m jealous. White Christmas, home today, baking cookies…and no doubt – knitting!
    Watch the snow come down and think of all of us baking in 62 degree temps just a few hundred miles south, okay?

  8. So jealous. Daria was watching the weather report this morning about all the places across the country that are getting snow storms and sulking because we’re not getting snow yet. I’m ok if it holds off for a while… at least till after 2/1. Have fun baking.

  9. I just started my cookies too! I love when snow falls on a weekend. The house is full of food and we have no need to leave the house except to sled.

  10. I’m on day three of being housebound due to the snow here. It’s amazing (and we don’t normally get this much) I have 8 inches on the ground in my yard.
    Have a joyous weekend – glad you feel well enough to bake!

  11. I, too, am hunkering down for the snow storm that just started about an hour ago…

    Baking cookies this week-end, knitting and reading – What could be better???

    Have a great couple of weeks off!!!

    Love the photo!

  12. Is Hannah missing finals? Today’s DD’s last day of finals for the semester and it poured rain until she got to school — now it’s clear and lovely out, but the lawn is too wet to mow.

    Take it easy over vacation so you don’t get a reprise of that flu, okay? Can’t wait to see what you knit during your time off!

  13. We’ve got some major snowfall today too. Whiteout conditions at the moment. It’s a bit concerning considering I work up on a hill and the buses might not be able to get here.

  14. Well, I got an extra cookie (not that I needed it, mind) at check-in. Yes, I had to stay at a hotel because I’ve got a 6:45 a.m. start tomorrow in the midst of this storm. If they cancel this midwinter graduation after all this, ……….. well, grr.

  15. Glad you’re feeling better! I have heard about this going around… ick. I am just catching up on some blog reading… that fudge looks great! I’ll probably make some. And that lacy scarf… lovely… I remember thinking it would be nice, and your photos sure prove that! Somebody told me about a “medium party” (at an -ahem- toy party… a first for me…). I thought it sounded pretty interesting, especially as the woman telling us about it is really down to earth. One of the other women is planning one, but it’ll cost $40 each to go… seemed a little steep to me for a whim. Was your expensive?

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