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Eye Candy Friday


Another photo from Hannah’s bouquet.  I’ll be so glad when there are flowers in my yard again.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Beautiful. I can’t wait for the flowers in the yard also. My tulips are ready to open and I can hardly wait.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. All I have for flowers in the yard are crocuses. Easter is next week and snow is predicted here for tonight. I thought Easter was a spring holiday.

  3. So pretty. So what happened with the photography class? Are you doing food or close-ups? This flower close-up is amazing.

  4. What a fab color. I’ve got a lot of sunflower seeds for various kinds of sunflowers again this year, but have absolutely no room for them. Another gardener’s dilemma.

  5. Beautiful photo, Carole. I am facing a dilemna this year on what to do about flowers. My oldest was living at home but has just moved to Northern Michigan (800 mile away). So I do not think he will be able to water my flowers this year when I am away…and we live full sun most of the summer. So I am trying to find someone to hire to do it, which unfortunately has not brought me luck in the past. But maybe this year, in this economy, it will work better…I hope so, cause I do love a yard full of flowers! Have a great weekend

  6. I knew I could count on you for a pretty flower picture. It reminded me I don’t have to wait for LATE spring flowers, might just have to pick up a bouquet.

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