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Eye Candy Friday

black eyed susans

Three years ago Dale brought home a limp clump of green shoots.  He told me his boss gave them to him for me to plant.  I looked at this mess and thought, “no way are these ever going to amount to anything.”  Turns out I was wrong because I now have a big beautiful bunch of black-eyed susans.  Ijust love it when things work out like that.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I’ve never been able to get any flowers (yet). But Tanna has mastered the technique well. She posted a few pictures on our blog 🙂
    My favorite flowers are yellow flowers.

  2. Mine popped open this week and are blooming their hearts out! I love them and so do the American goldfinches.

  3. I brought black eyed susans home & my hubby told me they looked awful, then they bloomed this week & he suddenly loves them.

  4. I love blsck-eyed susans, we have them here too. They bloom forever, too. Ours have been blooming for well over a month now. The other daisies (they are a type of daisy) have already died, but they still are going strong.

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