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Eye Candy Monday

Mason and the pumpkin

Mason found a great sunny spot by the bay window this weekend.  The addition of the pumpkin sets the perfect autumn mood, I think.

Hope you found some autumn beauty this weekend, too!

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  1. Great pic! I am coveting your cat’s sunshine, though. Somehow December arrived over the weekend.

  2. I love the way the play of light and shadow on his coat, the way you captured the reflections of orange in the windows. Nice photo

  3. That’s a great spot! Looking especially nice and cozy since I have some sputtery snowy stuff outside my window right now. Bleh.

  4. Carole, I am driving to Rhinebeck this year from Pgh. Are you able to get Yuengling in New York? If not, let me know and I can bring a case or two.

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