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Eye Candy Friday

sleigh with wreath and snow

If you are on my Christmas card list you might want to turn away from today’s Eye Candy Friday since today’s photo is this year’s Christmas card. Thank goodness we had a bit of snow last weekend or I might have had to resort to store bought cards. Plus, I’m sure the neighbors appreciated seeing me tromping around on the deck in my flannel nightgown and L.L. Bean boots early Sunday morning. The things I do . . .

Speaking of the things I do – I’ll be making candy and baking cookies this weekend. How about you?

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  1. Finding something to wear to a party, going to said party, and cooking things that smell good and warm up the whole house! Oh, and maybe eating a latke or two…

  2. I am still stuck for a xmas card photo for this year. Candy making and cookie baking are well underway here. I have a 4x batch of pralines, a batch of almond roca and a double batch of cranberry pistachio cookies all done. The divinity is not cooperating just yet but I have a new thermometer and hope to beat it into submission today. Mailing really needs to commence! Good luck with your own baking and candy making.

  3. Making the first few lbs of the 60 lbs of fudge I need to make for family /friends for the holidays. It was my nana’s recipe (she won an award from Hershey in 1953!), but i was the only grandkid who was ever interested in helping her make it.

  4. I “baked” two loaves of spiced apple bread (from a mix, feels like it’s not really baking) last night, taking one in to work today for our holiday party. This weekend I need to sew up some throw pillow covers for gifts and get started knitting thumbless mittens for a coworker who has perpetually cold hands — and our new space is downright arctic, everyone’s working in their coats or huddled under fleece throws!

    Mmm, candy making, sounds yummy and adventurous. Take some photos for the blog, please?

  5. Pretty picture and perfect for a Christmas Card. I might make an almond chocolate cake, but maybe I’ll just sit and enjoy the weekend. Happy baking!

  6. Yep, I think it’s marshmallow makin’ time this weekend, along with a holiday wine-tasting party we go to every year and hopefully finishing up my Christmas shopping.

  7. Geesh! Looks like I’m traveling around the country to visit all the commenting webfriends to partake of all the yummy baking that is happening!

    I’m making my parents Christmas stockings. All these years, they’ve has some silly little thing hanging over the fireplace while all the cousins and kids received lovely handmade felt stockings. We’re also going to the magnificent Christmas musical put on by a local church. Bell choir! Cool.

  8. I need to do some candymaking this weekend. Don’t ask what I am making – I’m not sure myself. Plus we have to put up the tree, Oh wait – I have to GET the tree first, do something about Christmas cards, wrap some presents so they can get mailed out Monday, I have the RI Spinners Christmas party Saturday, and my daughter is in a Christmas show all weekend.

    Aren’t you glad you asked?

    Pretty picture – the snow adds the perfect touch.

  9. Love the snow on your screen. I’m heading to Lincoln, NH overnight and then some serious shopping at the outlets in Tilton. Hoping to get the shopping finished!

  10. Lovely picture, You’ll get a store bought card from me. maybe next year I’ll get creative!

  11. Going to a party, finishing my shopping and making peanut butter fudge. Also finishing a pair of socks! I have had 351 days notice that Christmas is coming…you would think I would know better by this tim!

  12. Your card is going to be really nice! This weekend, unfortunately, I will have to go in to work because we are moving an entire chemistry department next week and I’m not done packing all my teaching labs yet.

    Needless to say, the panic factor is looming large.

    Somewhere over the next two days, though, I do have to find time to bake a batch of cookies for a party next week.

    Sleep? Sleep is optional, I guess. Enjoy your weekend.

  13. That’s a great picture. Perfect for holiday cards. Have fun in the kitchen. Cold weather like this inspires me to bake and make comfort foods so my kitchen should be busy too.

  14. Beautiful picture!! I have the tree up and decorated, presents wrapped and under the tree. Next… the baking starts (still undecided which recipes will be this year’s picks). I have a party tomorrow night. The month will be over before we know it!

  15. Too much is what I’ll be doing! We have a Boy Scout court of awards for two eagle scouts tonight (ny husband has just been elected Scoutmaster, and he was the mentor for both of those eagles as well as two of the other boys achieving rank tonight…I think it will be the Jack show) a dine around thing with some scouts who won a cooking contest, a foray to the bead store to use a gift certificate before it expires, major knitting to finish a scarf for my niece, a red scarf, a pair of socks for my husband (almost done) and a pair of socks for my son’s girlfriend, a cookie exchange on Sunday, for which I tried to decline but was told to go ahead and buy cookies as long as I come and at which my husband got roped into making eggs benedict for everyone there (not by me). Wow, I am tired just thinking about it all! Have a good weekend.

  16. Holiday related “to dos” include finish shopping, wrapping gifts, Christmas cards, dropping off toy donations, menu planning, and baking cookies. Almost forgot the knitted gifts that need a lot of attention if they are indeed to be Christmas gifts.
    Then there is the normal household chores, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, and the like. Plus a trip to local charities to donate clothing and household items and a birthday party for my 3 yr old neice. If I have time, I might sleep!

  17. Are you sure Dale wasn’t behind you taking a picture of you in your nightgown and boots? I think that would make a great card – you taking a photo of your wreath. 🙂

  18. Very nice photo. This will surely make lovely Christmas cards.
    I have to finish a birthday present (a feather and fan comfort shawl) til Monday. So I suppose I will be knitting 😉

  19. We finally cut down a tree this weekend. James brought his little toy chainsaw and thought that he really cut it down himself. We also baked and decorated sugar cookies. It was really cool to do this for the first time with my son!

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