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Eye Candy Friday

Pink and White Tulip resized for blog

So my pneumonia has now been confirmed with a chest x-ray. My meds have been changed and new meds = feeling better, right? I’ll be in the pink again (just like this tulip) very soon, I’m told.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. The drugs did work pretty quickly to help me start feeling near human again when I had pneumonia. Blech! Hope you’re feeling much better soon.

  2. Feel better soon – our daughter is prone to pneumonia and once she gets the good meds she’s right as rain in a few days. Consider this good time to sit, knit and take care of yourself.

  3. It’s easy to cure on a basic level, but you might feel tired for a long time. After the western meds my husband’s strength recovered via acupuncture and Chinese meds. Just a thought if you find yourself in the same situation, where your doctor tells you that you’re all right but you know you’re not.

  4. You will feel better quickly, but you’ll be dragging butt for awhile and you must not overdo! Knit your brains out and relax! 😉

  5. I am right there with you have been sick the same time as you and with the same problems —I hope your meds make you feel better fast and take it easy this weekend, we don’t want any relapses

  6. Lovely photo.

    I am so glad you’re on better meds and hope you feel like yourself soon. This Carole being sick business is just wrong. Hurry up and feel better already.


  7. Ew, pneumonia. New meds will do the trick I’m sure. I hear (anecdotally, this should not be considered medical advice) that knitting helps with the cough.

  8. Get lots of rest, I’ve been there myself and thank goodness for antibiotics. Lot’s of soup, curl up with a good book and let your family take care of you.

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