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Eye Candy Friday

Lobster and Local Corn blog size

Wednesday night we had lobster and native corn. This is my favorite way to celebrate summer so I just had to take a picture and share it with all of you.

Have a great 4th of July!

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  1. Yum! On our last trip to our house in Maine this was Father’s Day dinner. What could be better in the summer?

  2. The only thing wrong with this picture is that is that it on your plate and not mine! Happy 4th.

  3. Oh yum! My breakfast isn’t going to taste as good now that I’ve seen that lovely photo! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  4. It’s funny how all of us are thinking, “yum”! That lobster claw on the right looks huge!

    One of our neighbors got us tickets to see the fireworks from a barge on the Hudson River; we’re excited to have front row seats again like we did last year. So outside of the forecast for 95° weather, the weekend is looking good here, too (at least today is beautiful and cooler).

  5. How funny that everyone else id looking at the lobster and saying yum while I’m looking at it and noticing how the red of the lobster contrasts with the blue bands and the soft yellow corn. I love the look of it all even though I’m not a lobster person.

  6. You know how to celebrate in style! Sure wish you could share more than the picture!

  7. Have a wonderful holiday! I always miss my native Massachusetts
    the most on the Fourth of July.

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