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Eye Candy Friday

Purple Phlox blog size

Our summer has been so dry that I was worried that my tall phlox wouldn’t bloom. I’m so glad I was wrong! I love that the buds look like satellites.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. So glad your phlox is blooming. I too did not think mine would get there, thanks to hungry deer that loped off the tops earlier this summer. Thankfully it is blooming!
    Love the shawl, by the way!

  2. Wish I could send you some rain – we’re flooding here. And funny enough, but our summer phlox blooms in June here – it’s just a memory now! Yours is so pretty.

  3. Mine are flowering too .nothing like a hardy perennial to cheer up a garden

  4. I have a white that the deer have repeatedly pruned, but I was so happy to find an untouched pink one that the birds must have planted with seed from elsewhere. Yours is pretty!

  5. Very nice! I’ve been in southern California where everything blooms! Hope when I get home, I’ll find things still growing.

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