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Eye Candy Friday

Fall Asters blog size

It sure it’s starting to look and feel like fall around here. And, while I don’t mind fall, I’m not thrilled with the prospect of winter looming closer. Boo to that, says I!

I guess it really is time to make the most of these beautiful weekends while we can! Hope yours is a great one!

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  1. I feel rather sad to see summer slipping by even though I enjoy fall and the crisp morning air. Not looking forward to winter AT ALL! Exciting weekend ahead! Daughter from CO is flying in for a long weekend today. Boston Daughter & family will be down later today. Extended family here for a cookout tomorrow. Fiber fest at the Coventry, Ct. farmer’s market. Beautiful weather forecasted. Does it get any better?

  2. Fall is Boise is still whispering to us. While our evenings are cooler, our days are still in the mid 80s. I’m getting out in the sunshine every opportunity that presents itself. I do love the fall colors and crispness, pumpkins on the porch and apples at nearly every meal. I’m choosing to ignore that winter follows – at least for now. Happy weekend!

  3. The mountain color has exploded just this week. I enjoy fall by not thinking about winter. Concentrate on the beauty all around….the morning ski is amazing with Orion overhead, the air is crisp, but not too cold, a few woolies may be necessary, but only a few, and you have fiber festivals on the horizon. Fall is the best time of year and we must enjoy it minute by minute, no?

  4. I am hoping for some NICE autumn weather before the snow flies — it would be easier to take the transition without being slammed by windy, cloudy, rainy, coldy weather!

    Happy Weekend, Carole. ; )

  5. Very pretty flowers. I know you’re not looking forward to the cooler weather but I have a whole bunch of new wool socks and a new winter coat that say bring it on!

  6. If you take the weird humid weather we’re having right now, I will happily take your snow later on. It’s 54% right now and I feel like I need a snorkle. /sigh

  7. Our fall has arrived here with full force. wet, humid, more wet.. not quite sweater weather yet, but will arrive soon…….. and very soon are all the fall colors. Happy football watching this weekend.

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