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Eye Candy Friday

Hydrangea blog size

The sugar maples at Rhinebeck were certainly beautiful and very showy with their oranges and reds and yellows. I think this hydrangea blossom in dusty rose (remember when that was THE color back in the 80s?) was just as beautiful.

I have no plans for this weekend except to hang around at home and get some stuff done. Thank goodness! Make it a good one, my friends.

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  1. Beautiful phoot – sometime the best weekends can be the one without any plans. Celebrating my daughter’s sweet sixteen here!

  2. I love that dusty rose hydrangea! Without my readers I thought it was a lilac at first. Have a great weekend!

  3. Hydrangeas are my weakness though our soil generally produces blue ones. May do some soil tweaking next year! After a whirlwind of busy weekends, this one will be a quiet one. Sadly plans to go to Vt. were changed unexpectedly, but I gladly am embracing a quiet weekend. Enjoy yours!

  4. Dusty rose, cowl necks, chunky earrings, and big hair! Yep, I remember the ’80s! Your hydrangea is FAR lovelier than anything I recall from the ’80s. You have a great time this weekend!

  5. I love that color of hydrangea and love your picture. I have four days off and I’m hoping they go slowly. May be both have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend! 😉

  6. Dusty Rose – oh the visions of wall paper and bridesmaid dresses. Enjoy the weekend Carole – looking forward to much of the same!

  7. Gorgeous hydrangea. A local school just had an 80′ themed day for spirit week and we were discussing everything 80’s but I forgot that. I do remember when that color was everywhere.
    Enjoy your quiet weekend. I hope to have one of those one day but not this weekend.

  8. Doesn’t that look like a lilac? For a moment I thought you had posted a spring picture to fool us.

  9. Oh yes, I do remember that color from the 80s! I used dusty rose sheets to “upholster” our apartment walls. That was a lot of dusty rose!

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