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Thankful Thursdays

Is it really the third Thursday in November already? Sometimes I think these weekly themed posts make the weeks fly by too quickly. Surely it isn’t my advanced age.

Thankful Thursday Mosaic Week 3

Anyway, this week I am thankful for:

  1. Our woodstove. It’s a beautiful soapstone stove that we bought right before we got married and I love it. There’s really nothing quite like a fire to provide not just warmth but also a high coziness factor. Dale replaced the glass on the front of the stove this week and I can’t believe how clean and beautiful the fire looks now. While it’s certainly extra work to haul wood, the benefits are wonderful.
  2. Hannah’s upcoming homecoming. It’s only 5 sleeps away now and I can’t wait to have my girl back under my roof for several nights. I haven’t seen her since 10/10/10 and I’ve really missed her.
  3. My ability to cook. I don’t mean this to sound conceited but I’m really thankful that I can plan and prepare meals for my family. We save money, we eat more nutritious food, and I get a lot of pleasure in showing my love for people in this way. Whether it’s a fancy dinner like last Saturday night’s filet mignon with baked potato and brussels sprouts with maple butter pecans, or something simple like American Chop Suey (yes, I said IT), or a homemade apple pie, it’s always delicious and it always makes me happy.

Reflecting on thankfulness makes me happy, too.

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  1. Once again, a very good list. Wood stoves are the best! Enjoy your
    time with Hannah. And, I think your next big project is to write a
    cookbook with your recipes! Nothing like American Chop Suey, huh?? LOL.

  2. I love your list – we love out woodstove also. I agree about the extra work, but I feel part of the charm is bringing in wood, lighting the fire, etc. My son comes home next week too – so looking forward to having him home. Your pictures of food made me very hungry!

  3. I never thought about being thankful for being able to cook, but I supposed I should. Although I find a lot of pleasure in trolling cooking sites and finding new recipes, a good batch of bean soup is a treasure to me.

    I covet your woodstove. Heat from a fire is just so cozy!

  4. Wonderful list. I can imagine the joy you are anticipating with Hannah’s visit home.
    I’m grateful for my cooking ability as well. I wish I had the shopping for groceries desire to pair with it, however! 🙂

  5. American Chop Suey is a childhood family favorite. The recipe came from a older cousin ( closer to my mom’s age) and did use tomato sauce. Even today I look forward to family arriving for the holidays. Thanksgiving is a little bitter sweet since my youngest can’t fly home from Colorado to be with us. We usually do a web cam when the family arrives. This year there will be 16 adults and a toddler! Yikes!!

  6. Another perfect list. And I fully agree about the ability to cook – I sort of wonder about people who never bothered to figure that out.

  7. Once again, I am heartily with you on all three points, only our woodstove has an electric fire in it – it crackles and flares, though! Yankee Mag had a photo of an apple pie whose crust was made of overlapping leaves made with cookie cutters. Can’t wait to try it! Thanksgiving, the family all around and the new Harry Potter movie, too – goodie, goodie, goodie.

  8. American Chop, yum (we use tomato sauce and a big dusting of grated parm) Definitely best the next day, cold right out of the fridge. I’m doing my best to spread the love for it out here in Diego, where “chop suey” is more asian than italian. I remember going back home for the first time and I’m sure Hanna is just as excited as you are!

  9. I love #1 because I thought along similar lines (before I read yours, I swear!) and #3 because I just read a post about creation’s being an act of love, and I’m totally with you on the cooking. And I love #2 because, well, what could be better?

  10. I love American Chop Suey (ours is made with tomato sauce). As a matter of fact we had it on Monday night! I hope that you have a wonderful time with Hannah. My oldest is coming home from Michigan for Christmas and we are really looking forward to it.

  11. Great list! I love our woodstove too – if I had only known the amount of money it would save us, I would have put one in years ago!

  12. I am from the Midwest and your recipe is called “Goulash” or
    “Skillet Goulash,” and yes, I make it when I get a hankerin’ or don’t have anything else!

  13. hi carole,

    it’s my first time here, i’m visiting from designedlykristi’s blog. your wood stove sounds wonderful. i love cozying up next to the fire with some knitting or a book with the kids. especially at this time of year.

    and as for your #3, not conceited. it’s certainly a skill, a useful one at that, and something i’m sure your family is thankful for as well.

  14. The stove sounds wonderful…we only have gas logs in our fireplace (due to some allergy issues) and I do miss the smell of burning wood! Hope you enjoy your Hannah and the wonderful food you’ll be cooking, too!

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