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Square Motif #149

You may recall that over 2 years ago my buddy Maryse came over and taught me to crochet. I made a couple of squares and it was fun.

And then I sort of forgot about crocheting.

Okay, I didn’t really forget but I didn’t know how to crochet the stuff I wanted to crochet.

I would see beautiful crocheted potholders and want to make them but I just didn’t practice and couldn’t figure out how to crochet in a circle and well . . . I gave up.

But I’m not quitter so on Friday (and Saturday because it took a while to sink in) I gave crochet another shot. I used a couple of good books and the internet and I crocheted a square.

It’s not bad.

And it definitely ignited the crochet spark again. I’m not ready for that potholder swap just yet but there’s always next year.

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  1. I’m not sure I’m going to get potholders done in time for the swap, but if you want to trade one with me, let me know! Good work!

  2. I think your square looks fab!

    We are about even in the crochet experience. A friend of mine is a really talented crocheter and I keep warning her that I want her to teach me stitches I don’t know and how to read those symbol charts.

  3. Nice job! I used to do a lot of crocheting when I was in jr. highschool. Those crocheted vests were all the rage back in the 70’s…lol

  4. If at first you don’t succeed….you know the rest !

    Hooray for you. YOu made it happen after all. Here come the granny squares, which I LOVE

  5. Has it been that long?! o.O

    The square is lovely. Keep making them and you’ll get better and better at making them. Everything else crochet will start making more sense and become easier, too. Granny squares really are a great gateway drug. ;^)

  6. Most excellent… as a fellow crocheter (and a crocheter before I was a knitter), I heartily approve! I recommend the work of Linda Schapper (The big white books of crochet awesomeness) if you ever decide to really go to town and play with crochet.

    There’s a whole world of crochet out there that is nothing like the scary clown dolls of the 70’s. Let me know if you ever want pointers or need help and keep up the good work. 🙂

  7. I would love to swap potholders with you, too. I am on my way to the post office to send off my first-ever batch of potholders to the big Ravelery swap this morning. I am a novice crocheter, so I hope I don’t get my own sent back to me because they don’t meet muster. I have found another swap that has a June deadline, so I’m auditioning patterns for that one right now. I hope you have fun with it!

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