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Eye Candy Friday

I know, I know, it’s usually a flower photo or a beach photo or a food photo when you show up for Eye Candy Friday. This week, though, it’s a building photo. This is at the Spencer Pierce Little Farm in Newburyport, the site of Fiber Revival. I couldn’t resist taking a photo showcasing the textures and colors of this building.

I’m off to the beach. See you on the 29th!

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  1. The farm must be a very interesting place. Here’s to a week of sunshine and knitting on the beach!

  2. Love the photo! Enjoy the beach and don’t think even once about us poor souls slogging it out in the city heat and pavement. Nope. Not once. ;^)

  3. Lovely brickwork! I love taking “architecture” photos — almost as much as “botanical” photos.

    Have a wonderful time at the beach, Carole! Soak up the sun!

  4. I love the combination of old brick and old stonework. Aside from the California missions, the opportunity to see such old architecture is not something we have much of in the west. It’s a beautiful shot. Have an incredible time with your family next week!

  5. I love the colors and the texture in that building. If I were a dyer, I might use those colors for some sock yarn! Hope you have a great vacation, lots of sunshine and sea breezes!

  6. Great contrast between the two sides of the building. the color variations remind me of painted sock yarn.

  7. My hubby is an architect, so pix of buildings always appeal–I think they’re much tougher than flowers, scenery, or adorable children. So, have a great week on the beach–get some sunsets, driftwood, a tan (not a life-threatening one) and return rested and energized! Hugs, Jo

  8. Just thought I’d point out that your vacation is putting a crimp in my morning routine. I think everyone deserves/needs a vacation, but my mornings aren’t the same without a dose of Carole Knits. Hurry back.

  9. I agree with Robby! I was envying you a week at the beach, and that has now changed to concern as we hear non-stop news about Hurricane Irene. Stay safe! Jo

  10. Ummm, what beach did you go to? I hope it wasn’t on the East Coast, because Irene is putting a damper on anyone vacationing on the East coast this weekend. Stay safe.

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