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Eye Candy Friday

Today’s Eye Candy Friday is brought to you by the Christmas Tree Decorating Contest at Christmas on the Common. The Garden Club had an awesome tree this year with great hand made ornaments. I think this Santa face made from a milkweed pod is just adorable.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Ah, it’s your Star’s Hollow Christmas! Honestly, when I think of where you live, that is how I see it. Kirk delivering your mail and Luke pouring you coffee!

  2. I love it! Every year I say I need to do the same kind of tree and every year it just doesn’t happen. Love,love the Santa ornament!

  3. Lovin’ that string of popcorn, too! My mom did that once and was able to use it for several years by keeping it in the freezer.

  4. Hi Carole! I awarded you with “The Most Versatile Blogger Award” — you can check it out on my page. I completely don’t expect you to participate if it’s not your thing — I just wanted to say thank you for reading and commenting on my blog! It means a lot! 🙂

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