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Wordless Wednesday: Cardinal


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  1. With the Saturday snowfall, my cardinals have been flocking to my feeder, too. I love my cardinal couple. The male always defers to the female when eating. Once she’s done, he has his meal. So sweet.

  2. So beautiful! Harry and I were just talking about making sure the bird feeders were stocked when all that snow was falling so they would have something to eat. Cardinals look really neat with the snow in the background.

  3. I am pretty ignorant about some things…I see some cardinals every sping/summer flying in and out of my front bushes…could it be the same family? I just love the brilliant red color!

  4. Cardinals in the snow…awesome. Cardinals are scarce in Colorado. They are supposed to be edging westward but a cardinal spoiting here is extremely rare. They are common in our neighboring state of Nebraska, so we keep hoping. Your photo is breathtaking.

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